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The online consultation lets people from all over India and the world get access to one of the top Sexologist in India and helps them start enjoy their sex life once again and in many cases saved marriages from breaking up.

Many a times we want to share our sexual problems with someone. This someone has to be more than a friend so that he/she can provide proper advice as well along with being empathetic. Our sexologist/sex specialists can suggest ways to cure your sexual problems.

ASGAR GROUP of Clinics ROY MEDICAL CENTRE KERALA and ASGSR HERBAL CLINIC TAMILNADU treatment is based on Herbal System of Medicine for Sexual Disorders & treatment is prepared from herbal ingredients.


Fill out consultation form and submit, After diagnose your problem we will tell you treatment details through your whatsapp or email id you given in consultation form.


Message us your Name, Age and Location to 9645601111. During the Consultation we will ask you a number of questions about your personal and relationship history, sexual behavior and feelings, and your medical status.

Asgar Healthcare Group specialist doctors will carefully review the details of Consultation form and will personally contact you through email or whatsapp. You will be given the same superior level of attention and care that you would experience if you came to the clinic.

Your privacy is 100% guaranteed, your private details are never shared with anyone else.

The success rate of Herbal Medicine and Herbal supplements treatment in Sexual Disorders is 100% if you take treatment as per our doctor guidance.

We are not giving treatment or Consultation through phone conversation. After consultation for any clarification call us +91-9645601111


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