SPERMATORRHOEA - Involuntary Semen discharge without an erection

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Spermatorrhoea is an involuntary discharge of semen without an erection or an orgasm (without any sexual activity). If spermatorrhoea happens at night due to an erotic dream, the person is said to have wet dreams. In spermatorrhoea, the discharge contains sperms which makes it different from other emissions. Sperms are those elements of the semen, which are responsible for fertilization of the egg in females, leading to pregnancy.

Spermatorrhoea is a disorder in which men experience unprompted (involuntary) ejaculation i.e, discharge of semen without any sexual activity.

Imbalance of emotions, alcohol consumption, are among some of the causes of Spermatorrhoea. Some men suffer from ejaculation during sleep. Frequent spermatorrhoea in a male can cause adverse effects on the body. It is believed that spermatorrhoea occurs due to excess production of sperms in the body, however, no conclusive research is available on the same. Men often experience Spermatorrhoea during adolescence, as in this age the hormone levels increase leading to an increase in semen production. In Spermatorrhoea, the excess semen is discharged from the body through ejaculation.


Tight foreskin
Alcohol consumption
Kidney disease
Disorders due to hormonal imbalances
Side effects of medicines
Frequent masturbation
Weak nervous system
Lack of sleep
Abstinence (refraining from sex or masturbation)
Congestion of the prostate gland (swelling of the prostate gland due to fluid accumulation)
Weak digestive system
A thought or a vision that creates a sexual stimulus
Excessive sexual intercourse
Eating a high protein diet
Testosterone based medications
Piles(inflamed and swollen veins in the anus that bleed)
Anal fissure(a tear in the lining of the anus)


Commonly observed symptoms in spermatorrhoea are as follows:
Poor concentration
Loss of appetite
Back pain
Poor memory
Dull eyes
Sweating at night
Sweating around the testicles
Moist and warm skin
Hot and humid soles and palms
Pain in the perineum the area between the scrotum (skin covering the testicles) and the anus or testicles.


There are no clear ways to prevent spermatorrhoea. Herbal formulas suggested by an Herbalist doctor and home remedies can also be helpful in preventing spermatorrhea.
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