A nocturnal emission is an involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs during sleep. While this is often an embarrassing subject and can leave one feeling like they are abnormal, nocturnal emissions are actually quite common. Studies show that approximately 83% of men have or will at some point, experience a nocturnal emission.

A more common term for nocturnal emission is “wet dream” or “involuntary orgasm.” The cause of this act is not always related to but often includes erotic thoughts or dreams. Sometimes it is hard to pin point what exactly caused the involuntary orgasm, or nocturnal emission. In some instances the male will wake up once the orgasm has occurred but in other instances it is possible to sleep right through it.
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Although nocturnal emissions are very common, the fact that this subject is rarely discussed makes many men question if they are normal because they experience these wet dreams. This topic is obviously very personal making it a hard one to bring up to your peers or a health care professional. Perhaps knowing just how common it is would allow men who are experiencing this and are questioning if it is normal to feel comfortable enough to have a discussion about it.

Usually men will start to experience nocturnal emissions when they reach puberty however some men do not experience it until later in life, if ever. Professionals attribute this to dreams. Some men do not start having dreams that are erotic in nature until their late teens and some men just do not dream!

The frequency of nocturnal emissions can be hard to compare, as they will vary considerably from male to male. Factors such as masturbation frequency, age or diet seem to have little baring on how often a man will experience an involuntary orgasm however some researchers have said that men who masturbate less seem to experience more regular nocturnal emissions then men who masturbate of a regular basis.


A Nocturnal emission or Wet dream occurs when you have a sexually arousing dream during sleep, and or by physical stimulation like rubbing against blankets, the bed, or a full bladder.

Nocturnal Emission or Wet dreams are quite natural when it happens once or twice in a month. on the otherwise it needs medical attention.

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