Can You Prevent Pregnancy With The Pullout Method?

 Can You Prevent Pregnancy With The Pullout Method?
The pull-out method is a form of birth control in which a man takes their penis out of a woman’s vagina before they ejaculate so fewer sperm get inside. It’s also known as coitus interruptus or the withdrawal method.

Withdrawal method is very risky if you are actively trying to avoid pregnancy. In particular, because prior to male orgasm and ejaculation, there is a small amount of pre-ejaculate semen that is released, which contains sperm. Even this small amount of semen can still lead to pregnancy if you are ovulating.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds. The man needs a lot of control to time it right. It doesn’t work if they can’t feel when they are close to orgasm or if they’re so caught up in the moment that they don’t pull out in time.


A few benefits to using the withdrawal method as a form of contraceptive, such as:

Pulling out is safe, simple to do and convenient for both members of the couple.
When no other form of contraceptive method is available, the withdrawal method can always be used.
There are no reported medical or hormonal side effects to using the withdrawal method as a contraceptive.
The method doesn’t require a prescription.
It doesn’t involve any hormones or other chemicals.
It has no side effects or health risks.
Very cost-effective as it is free.


Not only is it not very effective, withdrawal isn’t a good method of birth control because:

• It takes a lot of control for the man to pull out before ejaculation.
• The woman has no control over it at all.
• You may feel that it gets in the way of sexual pleasure.


That said, using the withdrawal method as your only form of birth control comes with a few major disadvantages and risks, such as:

Risk of unwanted pregnancy
Risk of being exposed to or transmitting STIs
High likelihood of using the withdrawal method incorrectly
Requires great self-control, practice, and experience
Not to be used by men who experience premature ejaculation

How Effective Is It?

Even with perfect use, the pull out method isn’t 100 percent effective. In fact, 22 percent of people using the pull out method become pregnant. This isn’t because the pull out method doesn’t work, but because it can be difficult to control various factors involved.


No form of birth control is perfect, and the pull out method is no exception. If you’re relying on the pull out method, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t prevent STIs. Plus, you need to perfect the timing to make sure withdrawal occurs each and every time you have sex. Otherwise, the pull out method is no longer effective.
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