When Should You Consult a Sexologist?

 When Should You Consult a Sexologist?
Our psychological, emotional, and physical health and even our happiness and relationships depend a lot on sex. It is not all about getting satisfaction and immense pleasure for couples. It serves as a strength to healthy bonds between couples as they build trust and confidence.

Sadly, healthy sex life has been going far away from many couples. A lot of couples are looking for solutions to their sexual problems. A lot of them are struggling hard with their failed relationships. Sex is an important part of couples’ relationships. It needs enough sensitivity to deal with sexual issues.

Low Sex Drive

It is a common problem between couples these days. It simply means a partner no longer wants to get closer to his or her partner. There are different reasons behind this-

Because of some medications,
Hormonal changes in both partners,
Physiological issues.

Low sex drive is sometimes a temporary issue and it should go away with time. If it persists for longer and both of you guys are not satisfied, it’s time to talk to your sexologist and seek expert support.

Unable To Tune-up With Your Partner

Sometimes desires between the couples don’t match up where both of them can reach the level of satisfaction. Due to this reason, sex becomes more annoying and complicated. It is best to consult with a sexologist as they can help you talk together and take mature decisions. Couples often worry about it. An expert can help fix the issue quickly.

Physiological Problems

Physiological problems are common especially in men like inability to penetrate, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. So, intimacy gets very challenging here. But you can visit sexologists and treat these problems with medical help. The sexual health of women also suffers due to psychological issues, such as dry vagina (dyspareunia), vaginismus, perimenopause, and trauma. Sexologists can come up with great help for both men and women.

You Prefer Doing It Alone more Often

If your preference of sexual activity is limited to yourself and not with your partner, this can create problems in your relationship and a therapist may be able to figure out why this happens.

Your Body doesn't Cooperate During Intercourse

Problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness, painful sex can lead to embarrassment, anxiety and dissatisfaction for you both. These can be medically treated you visit and take help from a sexologist.
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