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Health is considered as the greatest wealth and Liver plays an important role in maintaining overall health and stability. Liver is also the vital organ for detoxification. When toxins get accumulated in the liver due to bad eating habits, drinking and use of excess medicines, it is very important to treat or detoxify the organ for effective working and good health.

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Though growing under our feet there are plants of lower order that protect our health and save our head. In spite of growing without any effort or support in terms of maintenance they tend to grow on their own, but having innumerous medicinal properties. But we never care for them. We have a habit of rushing to a nearby clinic even for a minor health problem. However, there are herbs that could cure a major disease in a humble way at the household level. One such precious medicinal herb is ‘Keezhanelli’ (Phyllanthus niruri).

The Medicinal Use of Keezhanelli

Keezhanelli is used as an effective remedy to cure enlargement of liver and spleen, Hepatitis A and B and in the prevention of Hepatitis C.

It has proven its efficiency in treating skin disease like psoriasis, leprosy and scabies.

It is also used as a folk medicine to stop bleeding caused by snake bites.

The anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, hepatoprotective and anti viral properties makes Keezhanelli invaluable among the medicinal herbs.

Keezhanelli is also used to treat kidney stones, urinary discharge, bronchitis, anemia, asthma, hiccups, blood disorders and even malaria.

Unani medicine system also uses this herb for the treatment of severe dysentery.

This valuable herb has diuretic and cell protective properties.

Side Effects and Risks

Phyllanthus niruri showed few negative side effects in human and animal studies, but you should still use caution. It may cause stomach upset or diarrhea. Because it hasn’t been studied, there’s no proven safe dose for children. This herb is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Talk to your doctor before use if you:
have diabetes
have a blood clotting disorder
take blood-thinning medications
have a scheduled surgery within two weeks
take several different medications