best time of day to have sex

We live in a world fascinated by sex. And now, researchers have found the best time of day to have sex. Let’s just say it’s not when you’d think. Now, there is no shortage of research on sex out there. And from how much sex people are having at each stage of their relationship, to the facts behind popular sex myths, to weird things that can happen to your body after sex (that are actually no big deal), we can’t get enough of sex research.

Morning sex vs evening sex

It’s an age-old conflict, usually with men on one side and women on the other. Men wake up aroused, so morning is prime time. But women often prefer evenings when things have relaxed a bit – after work and chores are done and children are put to bed. Why does this happen and how can you resolve the issue?

Testosterone difference

Men do have a spike in testosterone between six and nine o’clock in the morning. They naturally like to capitalize on a good morning erection. Unfortunately, women have their lowest amount of daily testosterone in the morning and a minimal increase by evening.

Difference in hormone cycles

Men can experience a daily 25-50% differential in testosterone in the morning, translating to a huge appetite for early sex. For women however, significant changes in testosterone don’t happen daily, but monthly, with the largest increase happening mid-month during ovulation (and that increase is not nearly as dramatic as what men experience).


Most women have a thing about being clean before sex. So, for her, the thought of morning breath and a night’s worth of sweat and genital odor can squash any desire for wake-up sex. Since men’s sense of smell is typically not as sensitive, these issues may be the last thing on his mind as he feels the warm closeness of his partner’s relaxed body.

Be aware that sometimes the decision about when to have sex can be more about an emotional power struggle than personal preferences. In this case, it’s important to have an honest conversation to get to the root of the problem (and you may want to include a counselor if the problem is ongoing).

Having sex within 45 minutes of waking up was the best time to do it, whether you’re waking up at 6 a.m. or 10 a.m. But really, anytime people are intimate with one another is the best!

Each of you may have a favorite time of day, but pleasing your partner occasionally during their best moment brings fairness and fun. And when that happens, you both win.

Sexual Problems : Whether they manifest as physical or emotional can detract from the sexual experience and create tension between couples. We will help you open the door to a more satisfying sex life, by providing a safe space to help you to solve sexual problems.
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