What is masturbation?

Masturbation is touching or rubbing your genitals. Girls often touch and rub their vulva (which includes the clitoris, inner and outer labia, and vaginal opening). This may also include the vagina (which is the canal on the inside).Masturbation is self-stimulating your genitals in a sexual way to the point of reaching an orgasm. It is a very common behavior among men and women and is a very normal part of growing up for children of both sexes.

Female masturbation

Female masturbation has scientifically proven benefits, like encouraging more fulfilling sleep, higher levels of happiness, lower amounts of stress, fewer menstrual pains, and a deeper level of comfort with your body.

Are there any benefits to masturbation?

There are health benefits to masturbation, such as:
• Decreased stress
• Lessened menstrual cramp pain
• Increased self-esteem and body image
• Improved sleep

What are sex toys?

Sex toys are items used to enhance sexual pleasure and can be used during masturbation. Two types of sex toys are vibrators and dildos. Vibrators are hand-held and can increase pleasure by massaging and vibrating in and around the vagina or on any erogenous zones (places that cause sexual excitement when touched). Dildos, which often resemble a penis, are inserted into the vagina to sexual intercourse. Both can provide unique pleasure, but are not necessary to masturbate.

Is it healthy for a woman to masturbate daily?

Masturbating daily can be normal for some women, depending on their age and sexual drive, whereas for others it can be excessive. As long masturbating does not affect your overall energy levels, and does not encroach into your daily life and activities you should be fine. A few sex experts though, consider masturbating daily to be excessive. Masturbating daily can lead to weakness, fatigue, early ejaculation and may inhibit sexual activities with your partner.

Excessive masturbation can also inhibit sexual intimacy with your partner. On the other hand, missing out on regular orgasms during sex with your partner, can increase your stress levels and can add to mental health issues, frustration, and unhappiness in general. Masturbating aids stress release and helps to stabilize your mood, making you happier and healthier.

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