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Category: Health Talk

Low Testosterone signs and symptoms

Testosterone is a sex hormone often associated with males, though females have small amounts. If a male has a low level of testosterone, the symptoms can include erectile dysfunction, and reduced bone mass and sex drive.

How Depression affects sexual life

Depression affects every part of daily life, including sex. It curbs sex drive, yet sex can boost your mood and is important for relationships. And some depression medicines can limit your libido.

Sex after giving birth

Childbirth involves considerable hormone changes – as well as emotional stresses. And as a consequence, very, very few women feel rampagingly sexy until a long time after they have given birth.

High blood pressure can affect sex life

Sex-related side effects such as impotence and ejaculation problems in men, painful or uncomfortable intercourse, difficulty having an orgasm in women, and lack of desire in both sexes have been ascribed to virtually all classes of drugs used to control…

How does smoking cigarettes affect sex life?

Men smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day have a 60% higher risk of erectile dysfunction compared to their peers who do not smoke. Smoking interferes with all aspects of a man’s sexual health from initial attraction to sexual performance…

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