What is Semen Leakage?

 What is Semen Leakage?
Semen is a whitish fluid that is released through the penis when a man ejaculates. The main constituents of the ejaculate are the semen and the sperms. Sperms make up only a small fraction of the total ejaculate and rest of the substance is semen made by the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles. A little bit of semen leaking your penis before or after sexual activity is pretty common, however there are certain conditions when semen leaks out of the penis and that’s when you need the attention of a good sexologist.

Causes of Semen Leakage?

Sexual Arousal
Nocturnal emissions or night fall
Problems with your prostate gland
Nerve injury
Side effects of medication

Let us look each of these condition in detail.

Sexual Arousal

It is very common that semen leaks when you are sexually aroused. It can happen when you are alone or when you are going to have intimate moments with your partner. Some semen can leak even after ejaculation.

There is another important thing to know here. ‘Pre-cum’ – This fluid comes out of the penis before actual ejaculation. This is not exactly semen but it can work as a lubricant. This liquid can sometimes contain ‘sperms’. That’s the reason why doctors and medical advisors tell you that ‘pulling out’ before ejaculation doesn’t always prevent pregnancy. The sperms present in the precum can cause pregnancy. It is always advisable to wear a condom if pregnancy is not desired. Also, you should note that, ‘pulling out’ technique does not prevent you from acquiring Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Nocturnal Emissions or Night Fall

A nocturnal emission is an involuntary ejaculation of semen that occurs when you’re sleeping. It can happen if your genitals become stimulated from bedsheets or during a sexual dream. A wet dream may result in some semen leakage, rather than a full ejaculation.

Problems With Prostate Gland

Semen leakage can be a symptom of prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate gland. Men may have other symptoms as well, such as pain and problems with urination. Prostatitis can usually be treated with medications, and some men try prostate massage and biofeedback.

Nerve Injury

Injury to the nervous system can be due to infections, surgical errors in spine or groin, accidents / injury to the spine or brain. Advancing age can also weaken the nervous system. In order for the ejaculation to happen, proper communication from the brain to the prostate and other reproductive organs is necessary. A weakened nervous system can result in lesser control over the organs and can result in erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction or semen leakage.

Side Effects Of Medication

If you are taking any medicines for a different problem and notice that your semen is leaking after few days, you will need to talk to your doctor who prescribed the medication. He/she may change the prescription. Some Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) that are administered to treat depression or premature ejaculation can cause semen leakage. Other problems that SSRIs can cause are:

1. Low sex drive (Low libido)
2. Delayed Ejaculation
3. Erectile Dysfunction.


You must see a doctor only if:

You see blood in semen (Hematospermia)
You have difficulty urinating or if it is painful when urinating
If you semen smells bad
If your ejaculate doesn’t look like regular semen.
If your semen leakage is accompanies by premature ejaculation or ejaculatory problems or if you are having problems getting or sustaining an erection, erectile dysfunction.
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